The message we convey is simple, FREEDOM. ART. RESPECT. COMMUNITY. UNITY

FARCU [an acronym for freedom, art, respect, community, and unity] founded in 2009.

Our goal is to provide a FREEDOM with the absence of interference regarding to the sovereignty of an individual. We serve as a platform of the ARTs encompassing a diverse range of activities, creations, and modes of expression whether in the visual, spoken word, music and sound, design, and never limited. We acknowledge that various cultures while promoting RESPECT and positive esteem of all. Our COMMUNITY is defined by interacting and sharing an environment of needs, networking, collaboration, i.e. UNITY, a “oneness” combining all parts and elements into an effective whole.




  • I wouldn’t have been able to show off my artistry side as much as I have in years thanks to you FARCU and the wonderful people I have met and had the chance to work within the last few years. You opened a door and I ran with it and made business contacts, and friendships in a community of like minded people.

    — Shannon Layton - Shannon's Place; Hair artist —
  • FARCU has been a launching pad to my introduction to the Kansas City art scene. I have been acquainted with some awesome artists of all genres and sustained some lasting relationships. FARCU is an avenue of many resources for a budding to seasoned artists of all mediums. 

    — Tyra Goodley- Metal and paint artist —
  • FARCU has helped me to expose my artwork at a national level as well as help to jump start my live art. Bringing together a community of creatives is a very important in our era and FARCU is the premiere group in KC doing this.

    — Joshua Calloway – Digital artist —
  • FARCU is a beautiful vision. In seeing it through the eyes of what it stands for, I have also awakened that potential in myself and seen it in others. In the last year I have grown so much in my life creatively since Shutter (farcu event) and sadly have been consumed to partake in any of their events since. I have finally found breathing room as a person with life again and am back on that innovative horse. It takes balls to do what Angela (founder of FARCU) does not to mention a parallel of work ethic and focus amidst an epic headache that makes it all worth it. The juggernaut will grow and has. The first thought that came to mind when I spoke to Angela atop ‘Thomas’ patio of what FARCU is was “brilliant”. It has helped me with exposure and that’s all any of us talented souls really need is to be shown and shared to educate the ignorant of how community art underground is awesome s it is vast. Not to mention the network of contacts and friends as well have each other’s back and if we don’t know, now we know. FARCU baby!

    — Brett DeHart – Culinary Chef —
  • FARCU has been THE start of my clothing line, Inner Hippie. I would not be where I am in this endeavor had it not been for FARCU providing me an outlet to share my designs on the runway. Without FARCU the doors that have opened for me would not exist. Thank you FARCU for providing a safe and supportive space to share the things we love to do and promote our art

    Sharlene Henthrone- Re-Designer- Color and Pattern artist.

  • FARCU fell in my lap by a wonderful person who will go far in her career. I have gleaned so much knowledge, people and information regarding the art industry that I can’t thank her enough. The lifelong knowledge, people, customers and fellow artists have all been of FARCU. Thanks for the jump start!  

    — Jody Shannon- Painter —
  • FARCU has given me the encouragement to pursue my art and opportunities to share it. More importantly, it has introduced me to a network of diverse artists that have influenced me in many ways.   

    — Ken Plahn- Creative Photography —
  • FARCU allowed me to get into KC’s fashion scene and connect with some of the most awesome people ever!!! The first fashion show I ever attended was a farcu show, and the first fashion show I ever did runway modeling for was through FARCU. I love what FARCU is doing for KC and soooo glad to be a part of it all.  

    — . Kelly Brooks, Creative Model —
  • Freedom. Art. Respect. Community. Unity… to me these are not just words that have become the way I live. The past eleven years my life has been turned upside down. Through rediscovering my art, FARCU has opened my eyes to my true potential. I have been shown that I not only have a way of expressing my joys, hurts and triumphs in vivid color but that I have a way of sharing it with others and connecting with them through my emotions in which portray on paper. I have had a door opened to me that releases all fears of success and desires for failure. Through art I have found freedom, learned to respect myself. I stand alone in this world but at the same time I have united with others that have the same passion for creating and manifesting their own raw emotion in music, clay, on canvas, whatever medium they have chosen. These are not just words, but have become my life- FARCU

    . Kaylie Marie Vitt- Watercolor painter and published writer

  • FARCU has been immensely supportive of my music and musicians in general. One very important part of creating is sharing, and FARCU provides opportunities to share your work with a vast array of different people. FARCU is supportive of the arts community as a whole.

    Nick Evans- Musician /Singer & songwriter.



Dreams are a birth of a goal;Dream big

— Angela Luttrell —

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